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From 9 to 11 May, the UFS Chefmanship Centre hosted friends from restaurants and eateries around Singapore, as they gathered for Unilever Food Solutions’ exclusive Salted Egg Masterclass.

The masterclass series is a new initiative by Unilever Food Solutions (UFS), developed to bring chefs, restaurateurs and other professionals in the food industry together – to learn new skills, techniques, and recipes that they can use as inspiration to create their own innovative dishes. 

A feast for the senses

The session was led by UFS’s charismatic, award-winning chefs Roy Lim and Khoo Bu Seng, who held exciting, detailed demonstrations and gave participants a taste of every dish on the menu.

Not only that, every participant received a printed set of the demonstrated recipes, so they can easily recreate them back at their restaurants. The recipes were specially-designed by our team to be adaptable – so chefs can modify the taste of each dish to complement the dishes in their restaurant. 

The recipes included a delicious mix of starters, sides, soups, and desserts:

  • Assorted Chips with Salted Egg Sprinkles
  • Salted Egg Fries
  • Salted Egg Corn Cup
  • Wok-fried Golden Flake Prawn
  • Salted Egg Crispy Vegetable Fries
  • Salted Egg Mussel Pot
  • Yam and Salted Egg Custard Spring Roll
  • Salted Egg Almond Cookies
  • Salted Egg Chicken Ball
  • Fried Salmon with Salted Egg Coconut Broth
  • Cream of Pumpkin Salted Egg Soup
  • Chilled Milk Pudding with Salted Egg Sauce



Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder as the star

Best of all, the recipes and cooking directions were created with commercial kitchens in mind, where parts of the dishes can be prepared in advance and stored as needed, while maintaining their rich flavours.

To further simplify preparation, every salted egg dish shown was imagined using one key ingredient, Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder.

Participants learnt how to use salted egg in a variety of ways – as a hero ingredient, complement, side dish, main, and dessert. And further adding to its versatility, the Knorr Golden Salted Egg Powder was used to create an assortment of flavours and textures – as a paste, sauce, breading mixture, soup, or even in its original powder form.

Questions, answers, and lots of valuable tips

The biggest bonus for participants was that chefs Roy and Bu Seng were on hand to answer every question their eager audience had. And as participants consisted of fellow chefs and food industry professionals, the questions (and answers) were very relatable, and focused on a range of topics that included advice on:

  • The best ways to store prepared ingredients
  • How to control heat levels for best results when cooking salted egg dishes
  • Advice on slicing certain ingredients to make them more aromatic
  • How to “localise” the taste of salted egg dishes with curry leaves
  • Simple tweaks to make your dishes taste more oriental (or Western)
  • And lots of customised advice for caterers and confectioners, and more


Catch our upcoming masterclasses

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