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Every foodie loves a good lobster dish. Create a hearty meal that’s a delight to all the senses with our Lobster Gratin Hollandaise recipe, and your customers won’t be able to resist!

Tip video: Create delicious gratin!


Chef’s tips & techniques

  • Make the gratin sauce by mixing hollandaise sauce with whipped cream.
  • Instead of lobster, you can use king prawns, oysters, mussels or cream dory fish.
  • Try to keep all elements separate on the plate for an interesting presentation. 
  • Nutritional tip: To enjoy lobster at its most healthful, boil or roast it. Resist the temptation to add too much melted butter.
  • Chef Mark’s top tip: “Add chopped olives or finely grated Parmesan for garnishing.”


What could I use instead of zucchini flowers?
You can use grilled courgette or aubergine.