TiffinLabs and Unilever Announce Partnership On New Virtual Brand

Noodles on Wheels brings authentic Asian flavours to customer’s doorstep

Noodles on wheels

Singapore, 15 June 2022 - Global virtual restaurant group TiffinLabs and foodservice industry giant Unilever have announced a collaboration to introduce a new virtual restaurant brand serving noodles with authentic Asian flavours. Noodles on Wheels features an array of mouth-watering noodle dishes influenced by all-time favourite recipes around Asia.

The Singapore-headquartered food tech company, TiffinLabs creates and owns virtual restaurant brands that enable F&B operators and food ingredient producers to capture the fast-growing food delivery services segment through its proprietary virtual restaurant brands. Its brand portfolio includes Korean fried chicken Phat Fingers, authentic Nashville-style fried chicken Southern Soul with footprints across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the US. Through the collaboration with Unilever, Noodles on Wheels will be TiffinLabs’ next focus in evolving the virtual restaurant scene.

To deliver the authentic Asian flavours, TiffinLabs and Unilever explored a variety of well-known dishes around Asia. The menu ranges from spicy and zesty Tom Yum of the culture-rich Thailand to famous savoury Korean bibimbap, capturing the essence of Asian flavours. It also features the Japanese Maze Udon with a plant-based twist. The dish with delicious plant-based NoMince meat from The Vegetarian Butcher allows vegetarians and alternative protein lovers to enjoy the authentic taste ‘without sacrificing the taste, texture and tradition of meat classics.

“Innovating and creating great tasting dishes for the masses has always been the focus here at TiffinLabs. Unilever’s expertise in foodservice, quality ingredients and specialisation in authentic flavours are a perfect match for our proficiency in brand creation and seamless operation methods,” said Phuminant Tantiprasongchai, Co-founder and SEA President of TiffinLabs. “We are excited to work with food ingredient suppliers like Unilever to distribute high-quality cuisines directly to our customer’s doorsteps.”

Ivan Lu, Managing Director of Unilever Food Solutions of Singapore and Malaysia commented, “We are delighted to partner with TiffinLabs in creating virtual brands that restaurants can easily integrate into their current operations. Using our well-loved ingredients from Knorr, Best Foods and our latest plant-based brand The Vegetarian Butcher, we aim to curate a unique food experience that brings diners on a virtual trip around Asia through a spotlight on the region’s most popular noodle dishes with a plant-based twist.”

With this partnership, TiffinLabs and Unilever will embark on developing more virtual brands to provide delicious food options to Singapore and South East Asia customers delivered right to their doorstep in the near future.

About TiffinLabs

TiffinLabs is a global food service platform that enables F&B operators and food ingredient producers to capture the fast-growing food delivery services segment through its proprietary virtual restaurant brands. Since its inception in 2020, TiffinLabs has developed more than 20 virtual restaurant brands, and is present across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the US.

TiffinLabs licences zero-capex, plug-and-play virtual restaurant brands that can be fully operational in less than 2 weeks for F&B operators. TiffinLabs is also the preferred partner for leading alternative protein producers in enabling mass commercialisation of their food innovations, by creating virtual restaurant brands that feature these ingredients.

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About Unilever Food Solutions

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