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FAQ “All about the UFS Online Rewards program”

1.    How can I  earn rewards points?

If you’re taking part in the UFS Online Rewards program, you automatically collect rewards points every time you purchase a product. 

2.    What can I get for my rewards points?

You can choose from a range of rewards rewards in our rewards product catalogue if you have saved enough rewards points. Browse our rewards.

3.    How can I spend my rewards points?

In order to earn rewards points you need to be a registered user. Once you have collected enough points, choose your reward and add it to your shopping basket. Click on ‘Redeem rewards points’. Alternatively, click on ‘Pay with rewards points’ when moving to your shopping basket. You will receive your reward by courier .

4.    Where can I see how many rewards points I have earned?

You can find your rewardspoints on the rewards overview page in your profile. You can access your profile by logging in.

5.    How can I set a reward goal?

You can set a reward goal by clicking “set as reward goal” on the product detail page of your preferred reward or on the product list page of the reward products.

6.    Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply.

7.    How long are my points my points valid?

Rewards points are valid maximum 3 years after the final purchase, or until 3 months after the announcement that the rewards program is terminated by Unilever Food Solutions.