Sweet Mustard

Sweet Mustard 'Chicken' Salad

  • Baby Romaine Lettuce 120.0 克
  • 植系雞塊 4.0 个
  • 甜芥末酱,以上 50.0 克

Plating and Assembly

  • 纯素芝士,切片 10.0 克
  • 小面包丁 5.0 克
  • 罗勒叶,剁碎 2.0 克



  1. Sweet Mustard

    • Mix well all ingredient in a mixing bowl. Ready to use.
  2. Sweet Mustard 'Chicken' Salad

    • Toss baby romaine lettuce, halved The Vegetarian Butcher NoChicken Nuggets, sliced tomato and sweet mustard in a mixing bowl. 
  3. Plating and Assembly

    • Plate the salad and garnish with vegan cheese, croutons, and chopped basil. Ready to serve.