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  • Banana, diced 300.0 g

Salted Egg Custard


  • Spring Roll Skin 20.0 pc

Before Serving

  • Desiccated Coconut, roasted 200.0 g
  1. Banana

    • Dice the banana and set aside.
  2. Salted Egg Custard

    • In a mixer add in all the ingredients expect evaporated milk and mix well.
    • Once it forms a paste, slowly add in evaporated milk to get a smooth texture.
    • Fold in diced banana and set aside.
  3. Assemble

    • Preheat deep fryer to 180 degree Celsius.
    • Wrap the banana salted egg filling with spring roll skins at 30gm each.
    • Deep fried for 5mins till golden brown.
  4. Before Serving

    • Lay desiccated coconut onto serving board and assemble fried banana spring rolls.
    • Ready to serve.