Chef team

Meet the expert chefs who help make Unilever Food Solutions your source for every day inspiration. With advice and knowledge gained from many years of experience, our award-winning team helps us create the perfect balance of great tasting and nutritious food served up to consistently high standards.

Chef Eric Chua

Chef Eric Chua

Executive Chef (Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia)

Future Platform Chef Lead (SEA-SA)

Chef Eric's culinary journey began early in life, immersed in the world of food and beverage through his family's catering business from the age of thirteen. His passion for cooking ignited, leading him to embark on a path that would shape his career profoundly.

In 2003, Chef Chua commenced his culinary odyssey as a trainee chef at Swissôtel the Stamford, marking the inception of a remarkable ascent. Fueled by dedication and an unwavering work ethic, he honed his skills at Equinox Restaurant before making a pivotal move to Unilever.

Chef Eric's prowess in the kitchen has been showcased on numerous stages, as he represented the Singapore Culinary national team in both local and international culinary competitions. His accolades include the prestigious gold medal at the MLA Blackbox Global Final in Dubai (2008), as well as triumphs at events like HOFEX 2009 and WACS Food Fair-Korea 2012, where he clinched top honors.


As a core member of the Singapore national culinary team, Chef Eric contributed to a historic victory at the Culinary World Cup 2010 in Luxembourg, securing two gold medals and the coveted overall champion title. Beyond his culinary exploits, he is a voracious reader and an avid traveler, enriching his craft with diverse influences.

Driven by a fervent desire to stay abreast of food trends, Chef Eric's aspirations extend beyond culinary excellence. Armed with expertise in food technology, food science, and modern cooking techniques, he endeavors to pioneer innovative dishes that redefine gastronomic experiences in food service and culinary establishments.

Moreover, Chef Eric aims to shape culinary excellence within the Southeast Asian region, leveraging his experiences and insights to elevate the standards of cuisine across borders. His commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering talent underscores his vision of establishing Southeast Asia as a hub of culinary innovation and mastery.

Chef Roy Lim

Chef Roy Lim

Chef de Cuisine (SG)

Chef Roy’s first introduction to the food industry was as a kitchen helper in a small bistro at the age of seventeen. Due to a lack of manpower in the bistro, Roy was tasked with setting up a new kitchen, ordering, stocktaking and handling the kitchen alone. After graduating from SHATEC Institute, he continued working full time at Swissôtel before moving on to St. Regis Singapore where he worked in a banquet kitchen and learnt how to handle big functions. He then moved to Raffles Town Club to oversee kitchen operations before joining Unilever Food Solutions, where he is in charge of helping customers develop their menu.

Chef Roy has also taken part in various culinary competitions where he has won gold in competitions like the Food Hotel Asian Restaurant of the Nation, Food Hotel Asia, Battle of the Lion Competition and Expogast Culinary World Cup. Chef Roy was also part of the winning team that did Singapore proud by bringing home the Gold medal in the 2016 IKA Olympic Culinary Championship. 

As an avid learner of the industry, Chef Roy aims to expand his culinary skills and knowledge to help him find new ways to create more exciting menus for his customers.

Chef Kan Lip Ken

Chef Kan Lip Ken

Senior Sous Chef 

Chef Kan Lip Ken is currently a Senior Sous Chef in Unilever Food Solutions, specialising in creating Western and Asian dishes. Currently, he is working with customers within the HORECA sector to create tasty and innovative dishes for their menus.With 14 years of experience spanning across roles in different culinary settings such as hotels and catering firms, Chef Ken has been the go-to person in Unilever Food Solutions to solve customers’ restaurant challenges.