UFS Academy – Free Chef Videos

Delight your diners and elevate your food business with our free chef cooking videos and short culinary courses!

Our free short culinary courses consist of chef videos covering various aspects of kitchen essentials, ranging from kitchen hygiene to knife skills and cooking basics. Simply spend a few minutes each day to acquire new knowledge or give yourself a refresher! 


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Kitchen Basics

Master culinary basics and basic chef skills with these introductory videos. 

Culinary Techniques

Knowing these culinary techniques at the back of your hand sets the foundation for creating delicious dishes for your diners.

Protein Dishes

How well have you mastered protein dishes? Upgrade your knowledge of beef, poultry and seafood recipes by watching these course videos. 

Western Dishes

Western food is highly popular in Singapore! Expand your culinary repertoire to serve more exciting dishes in your restaurant.


Plant based cooking is here to stay so make sure you enroll in this plant based chef training course.


Up your game with these courses to attract more diners while maintaining operational efficiency in your restaurant.