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Breaded Chicken Katsu

Truffle Cheese Sauce

Assembling the Katsu Sando with Truffle Cheese Sauce


  1. Breaded Chicken Katsu

    • Mix 50gm of plain flour with 90ml of water to form a batter.
    • Dip and coat The Vegetarian Butcher NoChicken Burger in the flour.
    • Dip the coated NoChicken Burger into the batter and shake off any excess. 
    • Coat the NoChicken Burger in breadcrumbs, shaking off excess.
    • Deep fry the NoChicken Burger at 180°C for 5 mins till golden brown.
    • Transfer to a wire rack.
  2. Truffle Cheese Sauce

    • Bring water to boil in a pot.
    • Whisk in Knorr Instant Cheese Sauce Mix and Knorr Instant Cream of Mushroom Mix.
    • Fold in truffle paste, cream, and truffle sauce.
    • Fold in chives and set aside.  
  3. Assembling the Katsu Sando with Truffle Cheese Sauce

    • Spread the truffle cheese sauce on one side of each slice of bread.
    • Top wth NoChicken Katsu and shredded cabbage.
    • Portion and ready to serve.