Soup Ingredient

  • Orange Peel 5.0 g
  • Old Ginger, sliced 30.0 g
  • Bitter Almonds 50.0 g
  • Sweet Almonds 50.0 g
  • Snow Pear, deskinned, cored, cut into large pieces 450.0 g
  • Black Chicken, chopped into large pieces 1000.0 g

Stock Base

Before Serving

  • Wolfberries, soaked in hot water 10.0 g
  • Chinese Hua Tiao Wine 20.0 ml


  1. Soup Ingredient

    • Clean black chicken, cut into large pieces, quick blanch in hot water for 5mins.
    • Rinse off excess blood, set aside.
    • Peel off snow pear skin, de-seed and cut into large pieces. Set aside.
    • Soak sweet and bitter almonds in water.
    • Slice old ginger and cut orange peels into smaller pieces.
  2. Stock Base

    • Heat up 3L of water in wok, season with Basic Stock Reduction, Chicken Seasoning Powder and salt.
    • Bring stock base to a simmer.
    • Add in all soup ingredients to stock base.
    • Simmer soup for 1 hour on low heat.
  3. Before Serving

    • Pour Chinese hua tiao wine to soup.
    • Garnish with wolfberries.
    • Ready to serve.