Spring “Fruit Bags”

Surprise your diners with these Vietnamese-inspired spring rolls stuffed with healthy goodness, and bursting with sweetness in every bite. It’s so easy to make, you’ll want to keep this dish as a permanent feature – or you could introduce it as a seasonal special to keep diners excited.



  1. Spring “Fruit Bags”

    • Slightly crush lemongrass with knife blade, cook in 300g of water for 15mins till fragrant, remove lemongrass and set aside to cool.
    • Dip the Vietnamese rice roll paper in lemongrass water swiftly and remove, set aside.
    • Dissolve the lime powder in boiling water, add in sugar and custard powder, stirring into a sauce, set aside and let it cool.
    • Blanch prawns and remove shell.
    • Dice cooked prawns, apples and pineapple, mix in melon seeds and dress with lime sauce.
    • Wrap the fruit and prawn mixture with rice roll paper, tie with spring onion strip into a bag, place in refrigerator and chill for 30mins.
    • Mix Best Foods Real Mayonnaise with mango puree, plate the “fruit bags” and serve.