An Introduction

Join chef Andria Wu of healthy restaurant chain, Maple & Co in London, as she shows you how to introduce inspirational, wholesome dishes onto your menu. From the basic equipment and ingredients to the techniques you need to achieve wholesome results without compromising on flavour, plus step-by-step inspiration to creating tasty, balanced recipes.



Setting Up Your Kitchen

Set up your kitchen with the basic equipment you need to cook wholesome food, including measuring scales to ensure accuracy, a zester to add fresh flavour and top tips on organising your kitchen


Using Wholesome Ingredients

Learn how to use the right ingredients in your cooking to add depth of flavour and a balance of nutrients to your dishes, from cooking the rainbow to choosing the healthiest oils to using spices and herbs to create fresh, tasty and wholesome food.


Techniques to Master the Basics

Master wholesome cooking techniques to add maximum nutrition to your dishes without compromising on flavour. From poaching to fermenting to sprouting, chef Andria Wu explains it all. 


Prepping a Buddha Bowl

Get a nutritious, balanced dish on your menu with this delicious Buddha bowl. Chef Andria Wu explains the ratio of starchy and non-starchy vegetables and protein, as well as how to create a healthy dressing and prepping your veg.


Cook and Assemble a Buddha Bowl

Assemble your Buddha bowl with dressed buckwheat noodles, tofu and a rainbow of vegetables, with tips on how to adapt ingredients to create delicious variations.


Prep for Vegan Butter Chicken

Make a vegan-friendly alternative to butter chicken, using similar textures and flavours to create the results you want, from creamy coconut butter to ‘meaty’ roasted cauliflower.


Cooking Vegan Butter Chicken

Watch chef Andria Wu make vegan butter chicken with a creamy, spiced sauce, bulked out with roasted cauliflower and freshened up with herbs and citrus zest.