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“Abalone” Pumpkin Bowl

  • Small Pumpkin Bowl 10.0 pc
  • Spanish Pork Collar Minced Meat 200.0 g
  • Squid Paste 300.0 g
  • Scallops, steamed 10.0 pc
  • Bamboo Pith, soaked and drained 10.0 pc
  • Wolfberry 30.0 pc
  • Chicken Ham, sliced 10.0 pc
  • Morchella, soaked overnight 20.0 pc
  1. Seasonings

    • Mix the seasonings well, set aside.
  2. Marination

    • Mix the marination well, set aside.
  3. “Abalone” Pumpkin Bowl

    • Cut a lid off the small pumpkin, remove seeds to make a bowl. Steam for 20mins till slightly cooked, ensure that the pumpkin is not overcooked. Set aside.
    • Add the pork collar minced meat to the squid paste, add marinade and mix well into a smooth paste. Mould the paste into abalone-shaped balls. Steam for 8-10mins till cooked, set aside.
    • Bring water to boil in a pot and add the seasonings. Season till you get the desired taste, maintain heat and set aside.
    • Steam all the ingredients and place them into the pumpkin bowl. Steam pumpkin bowl for 5mins.
    • Add warm soup into pumpkin bowl and serve.