Cheese Beignet Cheese Sauce

"Instead of sweet beignets, which already exists in the market, why not put a spin on it to create a savoury version? Great for diners who does not have a sweet tooth, and they'll be pleasantly surprised at first bite." 

Chef Joel Ow
Singapore Junior Chefs Club



  1. Cheese Beignet Cheese Sauce

    1. In a pot, sweat shallot in low heat. Once shallot is fully cooked, add jalapenoes.
    2. Add water to mixture and bring to boil.    
    3. Add Knorr Cheese Instant Powder and Gruyere cheese into liquid, blend and strain.    
    4. Freeze cheese mixture.    
    5. Mix water, tempura flour, baking soda and egg. Let it rest for 1 hour.   
    6. Lastly, dip frozen cheese ball mixture into batter and deep fry at 180°C.   
  2. Plating and Assembly

    1. Plate beignets. Sprinkle parmesan cheese and chives.
    2. Garnish with affilia and egyptian stars. Ready to serve.