Luo Han Guo and Longan Base

  • Water 1500.0 ml
  • Luo Han Guo 2.0 pc
  • Dried Longan 100.0 g

Jelly Base

Osmanthus Sugar Syrup

  • Water 100.0 ml
  • Sugar 100.0 g
  • Osmanthus Flower 2.0 g


  1. Luo Han Guo and Longan Base

    • In a pot, bring water to boil, add luo han guo, longan, rock sugar and simmer for 45mins.
    • Strain base, reserve longan and set aside.
  2. Jelly Base

    • In a pot, bring luohan and longan base to boil.*
    • Whisk in Knorr Concentrated Tamarind Sauce and Carte D’or Vanilla Flan Mix.
    • Bring to boil and fold in longan meat.†
    • Set into desired wares or mould.
    • Let it set in chiller overnight.

    * 1000ml Luo Han Guo and Longan Base, from above† 100gm longan meat, from above

  3. Osmanthus Sugar Syrup

    • In a pot, all in all the ingredients and bring to boil.
  4. Garnish and Condiments

    • Prepare ingredients as mentioned above.‡

    ‡ 100gm Osmanthus Sugar Syrup, as above

  5. Before Serving

    • Garnish and serve.