Cheese Sauce

Italian Breadcrumbs

Mac and Cheese

This plant based mac and cheese recipe is easy make and serve your diners as comfort food. The Knorr Pronto Tomato and Instant Cheese Sauce Mix adds a layer of savory-tangy flavour to the recipe, while The Vegetarian Butcher NoChicken Burger adds some meatiness and texture to the dish, while the breadcrumbs provides an aromatic crunch.   



  1. Cheese Sauce

    • In a pot, add in water and cream. Bring mixture to boil and whisk in Knorr Instant Cheese Sauce Mix.
    • Mix well, bring to boil and let the mixture thicken.
    • Fold in cream and Knorr Pronto Tomato. 
  2. Italian Breadcrumbs

    • In a mixing bowl, mix all the ingredients together and set aside.
  3. Mac and Cheese

    • Heat up cheese sauce in a pan, and add in diced The Vegetarian Butcher NoChicken burger and blanched macaroni.
    • Assemble pasta on to desired ware sprinkle 20 gm italian breadcrumbs and bake for 2 mins at 180°C.