Preparing Pasta Dough

  • Semola Rimacinata 200.0 g
  • Warm Water (60 degree Celsius) 100.0 ml

Preparing the filling of the culurgiones

Preparing Sardinian Tomato Basil Sauce


  1. Preparing Pasta Dough

    • Heap the dry ingredients in a heap and make a well at the center.
    • Add warm water in the center of the dry ingredients and scramble it using a fork.
    • Draw your fork around the flour walls and gradually adding flour into the pool of water.
    • Mix all the ingredients together and knead for about 10 minutes until smooth and elastic. Rest for at least 30 minutes.  
  2. Preparing the filling of the culurgiones

    • In a bowl add Knorr potato flakes and salt.
    • Pour boiling water and mix well until smooth
    • Let cool for 5 minutes before adding mint and pecorino.
    • Roll out dough thin using a rolling pin and cut them into rounds using a round cutter. Add potato filling and braid culurgiones.
    • Boil for 4 mins. 
  3. Preparing Sardinian Tomato Basil Sauce

    • In a sauce pot, add extra virgin olive oil and sliced garlic. Put on medium heat and slowly.
    • Sweat garlic until fragrant. Add KNORR tomato pronto and simmer for 10 minutes.
    • Season to taste. Turn off heat and stir in basil leaves.