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Thousand Island Sabayon


  • Sole Fillet 1000.0 g
  • Tomato cubes 300.0 g
  • Green Asparagus 200.0 g
  • Red Onion, cubes 100.0 g

Before Serving

  • Watercress 25.0 g
  1. Thousand Island Sabayon

    • Whip the cream till a thick yoghurt consistency forms.
    • Add the yolks to Thousand Island Dressing and fold in the cream.
  2. Condiments

    • Pan sear sole filet.
    • Stir fry tomato cubes, asparagus slices and red onion cubes.
  3. Before Serving

    • Pour a layer of sabayon on plate, add the stir fried vegetables and sole fillet on the top.
    • Grill it underneath a salamander grill.
    • Garnish with watercress.
    • Ready to serve.