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Vegetarian Meat Floss NoChicken Vermicelli Casserole

  • Oil 25 ml
  • Vermicelli, soaked in water 120 g
  • Garlic 6 g
  • Shallots, chopped 6 g
  • Yellow Sweet Pepper, diced 20 g
  • Chinese Celery, cut into finger-length segments 25 g
  • Red Chillies, sliced into rounds 8 g
  • Black Bean Sauce 25 g
  • Broth 30 ml
  • Sugar 3 g
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Dark Soy Sauce
  1. Vegetarian Meat Floss NoChicken Vermicelli Casserole

    • Boil the NoChicken Chunks and then remove from water, fry briefly in oil and set aside.
    • Stir-fry the spices, ground black pepper, sweet pepper, and vermicelli in oil.
    • Add broth, black bean sauce, sugar and dark soy sauce and stir-fry. Then add the Chinese celery and red chillies, lightly stir-fry, and transfer to the casserole pot.
    • Top with the stir-fried NoChicken Chunks.