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Have you started incorporating plant-based meats into your menu? If not, you’re missing out on meats that other chefs are happily taking advantage of to spice up their menus – not only for their authentic taste, but also for their ease of preparation and delivery-friendly nature.

Let’s explore the five biggest reasons why chefs are falling in love with plant-based meats in 2021.

1. Short cooking times

More good news for chefs who want to improve turnover speed, as due to the composition of plant-based meat (for example, meats in The Vegetarian Butcher line-up are made of soybeans and various plant proteins) they cook a lot more quickly than animal meats. This means your dishes can leave the kitchen more quickly, and diners will definitely appreciate the shorter waiting times.

2. Easy to cook

While animal meat can go from rare to medium to well-done very quickly (sometimes resulting in overcooked meat and wastage), plant-based meat is known for being a very “forgiving” protein to work with. Overcooking a plant-based meat isn’t often an issue, and finding that ideal “sweet spot” is also so much easier – which means more consistent tasting meals and more satisfied diners!

3. Pre-seasoned goodness

Plant-based meats are generally pre-seasoned, so they’re tasty the moment they arrive at your restaurant. Of course, their flavours can be easily tweaked to suit whatever creation you have in mind – but this does save you lots of preparation time, which you can use for other elements of your plant-based dish.

4. Convenient, long-lasting storage

During these uncertain times, restaurant owners certainly appreciate food with longer storage lives – just in case sudden tightening of pandemic-related regulations lead to decrease in diners. Plant-based meats are, by design, meant to be store in your freezer. They store well, defrost easily, and are made to taste great after coming out from cold storage. This makes them excellent for inventory management (without sacrificing taste).

5. Delivery-friendly

Since 2020, food deliveries have been an integral part of the restaurant business. And plant-based meat – thanks to their fast preparation and cooking times, and ease of cooking – are perfect for the fast paced, high turnover world of food deliveries!


Considering adding plant-based meat to the dishes in your menu? This is the ideal time to do so. To find out more, download our handbook below.

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