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While most chefs are highly skilled at preparing animal meat, cooking with plant-based meat can be a completely new experience. But plant-based meat is here to stay – so it’s important that you incorporate it into your menu and delight customers who prefer tasty plant-based meat options on their plates.

In this article, we’ll run through the basics of preparing plant-based meat – so you’ll have a better idea of what new plant-based creations you’d like to add to your menu.

Fast preparation times

Did you know that plant-based meats have much shorter preparation times than animal meats? This is great news for restaurants that struggle with turnover – especially during this period, where social distancing measures have reduced restaurant seating capacity.

When an order comes in, simply take your plant-based meat out of the freezer, defrost and it’s good to go! No lengthy, multi-step process of tenderising and preparing your meat needed.

Flavour composition of entire dish

An important tip to note is that while plant-based meat tastes very similar to animal meat, it’s composition (of plant protein) is very different. It also doesn’t contain any animal fat – which is a plus for health-conscious diners, but also means you’ll need to spend a little more time thinking about the overall flavour composition of your dish and figuring out how to achieve your desired taste, without relying on animal fat and animal protein.

Think of your animal-based protein as a “neutral base”

One of the fantastic things about cooking with a plant-based protein is how it provides a neutral base for your entire dish. While the texture of a plant-based meat is very similar to animal protein, as a neutral base, it goes well with just about anything. (This is also why it’s important to consider the flavour composition of your entire dish, not just the meat.)

Goes well with dishes that contain sauce

With its neutrality, plant-based meats are perfectly complemented by sauces. Dishes like butter chicken, kung pao chicken, Sichuan beef and other Asian delights can taste their heavenly best with plant-based meats. Try it for yourself – use plant-based meat in dishes that feature strong, prominent flavours and sauces. We’re confident you’ll like what you taste!

Recommend these dishes for delivery

Best of all, because the plant protein absorbs all that great flavour, the “saucy” dishes mentioned above are very delivery-friendly – as they become tastier on the way to diners’ homes! Place special “Recommended” labels next to these dishes to let diners know these are the dishes they should be ordering on their favourite food delivery services.

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