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For mashed potatoes, taste and texture are most important and it is largely determined by the quality of potatoes used.

Natural potato taste test

  • Flakes format derived from drying real potatoes
  • No added MSG
  • Easy to prepare in 5 minutes using wok-fry method
KNORR Mashed Potato 2kg - Made with 99% German potatoes

Made with 99% German potatoes

KNORR Mashed Potato 2kg
KNORR Mashed Potato 2kg - Knorr Mashed Potato is created with 99% real potatoes to give you authentic potato taste in just a few minutes.

Product information

  • Halal - Europe
  • No added MSG

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1. Boil 9 litres of water with 70g salt. Switch power off. 2. Add 4 litres of cold water (or cold milk). Important: Do not exceed temperature of 85°C. 3. Briskly stir in 2kg potato flakes with a wired whisk. 4. Stir briefly again after 2-3 minutes until smooth.


1 x 2 kg


15kg of mashed potato


Store in a cool, dry place.



Ingredients and Allergen Information

99% Potatoes, Emulsifier Mono and Diglyceride from Fatty Acids (E471), Stabiliser Disodium Diphosphate (E450), Antioxidant Sodium Metabisulfite (E223), Spice Extract (Contains Wheat)

All food additives are of plant and synthetic origin.

Additional Information

  • Halal - Europe
  • No added MSG

Shelf Life

21 months


KNORR Mashed Potato flakes are made with 99% sustainably grown German potatoes to help you create perfect fluffy mashed potato in less than 5 minutes. Simply combine with milk and seasonings, or your own selected ingredients, to create delicious creamy mashed potatoes. KNORR Mashed Potato is also perfect for creating toppings for pies, fillings for croquettes, or even as an ingredient for soups..