• Shrimp 30.0 pc
  • Japanese clams 30.0 pc
  • Canada Scallops (10/20) 2.0 pc
  • Japanese Squid 200.0 g
  • Cherry Tomatoes 200.0 g
  • Black Olives 50.0 g
  • Capers 30.0 g
  • Basil, shredded 10.0 g
  • White Wine 200.0 ml
  • Coconut Milk 500.0 ml
  • Knorr South East Asian Spice Paste 600g 100.0 g

Before Serving

  • Basil Sprig 10.0 g

Can’t decide between Asian or Italian? Why not both with this elegant medley of shellfish and pasta with a unique Asian touch?



  1. Linguine

    • Heat up water in stock pot, season with Chicken Seasoning Powder and olive oil.
    • Blanch linguine for 5mins, drain and cool off in chiller.
    • Drizzle some olive oil to prevent pasta from sticking together.
  2. Condiments

    • Prep all ingredients accordingly.
  3. Before Serving

    • Heat up saucepan, stir fry all seafood in hot pan.
    • Deglaze pan with white wine, add in South East Asian Spice Paste and coconut milk.
    • Mix well and add in linguine and toss well for 2mins.
    • Fold in cherry tomatoes, taggiaca olives, capers and basil.
    • Plate it in pasta plate and garnish with Basil Sprig.