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Wagyu Beef Tsukune

  1. Wagyu Beef Tsukune

    • Mixed Wagyu Beef with the rest of ingredients into mixing bowl, microplane to turn the dried shiitake into a powder and add it to the bowl. Mixed everything into evenly combined.
    • Heat up a frying pan over medium heat until hot and then add a bit of oil and shape the Beef into 8 oblong patties and pan seared until golden brown on one side and seared the other side until golden brown. Skewered with bamboo skewer, Grilled until internal temperature of 70°c. Set aside.
    • Heat up brown butter in medium heat, add in Golden Salted Egg Powder, till dissolved, and then add in pumpkin puree, adjust with water if necessary, seasoned with icing sugar and salt.
    • Serve with Japanese seven spice.