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Chicken Marinade

Before Serving

  • Pickle Vegetables 250.0 g
  • Prawn Crackers 200.0 g
  1. Chicken Marinade

    • Mix SEA Spice Paste, Chicken Seasoning Powder, soy sauce, curry powder, water and corn oil in a mixing bowl.
    • Add in chicken and rub/coat the chicken well.
    • Chill overnight before roasting.
  2. Before Serving

    • Place marinated chicken in the middle of a baking tray.
    • Transfer into preheated oven and roast it at 120°C for 30mins.
    • After which remove chicken and turn up the oven temp to 200°C.
    • Place chicken back into the oven and roast it further at 200°C for 15mins till golden brown.
    • Allow chicken to rest for 10mins.
    • Serve with pickled vegetables and prawn crackers on the side.