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Cheese Sauce


  • Chicken Patty 30.0 pc
  • Emmental cheese slices 20.0 pc
  • Mac & Cheese Filling 1000.0 g
  1. Macaroni

    • On pot of boiling water, add in olive oil and Chicken Seasoning Powder.
    • Cook macaroni for 6-8mins.
    • Strain off and spread in over flat tray and cool off in chiller.
  2. Cheese Sauce

    • Heat up milk in pot to 75°C, add in Cheese Sauce Mix and whisk well.
    • Simmer till sauce thickens up, fold in all cheeses –Munster, Romano – and black peppercorn.
  3. Condiments

    • Mix macaroni with cheese sauce to form Mac & Cheese filling.
    • Pan fry chicken patties till cooked.