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Steak Marination

  • Whole Grain Mustard 15 g
  • Lemon Juice 5 ml
  • Olive Oil 50 ml
  • Bavette Steak 200 g

Garnish and Assembly

  • Whole Grain French Baguette 1 pc
  • Parmesan Cheese 10 g
  • Watercress 10 g
  • Wholegrain Mustard 30 g
  1. Steak Marination

    • Combine whole grain mustard, lemon juice, olive oil and Knorr Concentrated Tamarind Sauce in a mixing bowl and mix evenly.
    • Marinate bavette steak in the mixture for 2 hours.
    • Drain the steak and heat up a cast iron pan.
    • Add olive oil and sear the bavette to desired doneness.
  2. Garnish and Assembly

    • Thinly slice baguette, season with salt and drizzle with olive oil.
    • Bake baguette slices in 180°C oven until golden brown.
    • Set aside and cool down.
    • Slice bavette steak thinly and place it on the crispy baguette.
    • Shave parmesan and garnish with watercress and wholegrain mustard seed.