Glazed Pork Belly Steak

BBQ Corn

Our version of pork steak recipe uses the ever-popular pork belly to become a glazed steak and paired with barbequed corn on the cob. Easy to prepare and reach your customers fast, the jus and balsamic glace, combined with the maple syrup gives the pork steak a rich flavour.



  1. Glazed Pork Belly Steak

    • Sear Pork Belly and season with salt and pepper till golden brown.
    • In a pot, sweat tomato paste till soften, add in balsamic vinegar and reduce till half.
    • In a mixing bowl, mix well water and Knorr Demi Glace Brown Sauce Mix.
    • Pour into pour, while whisking, bring to boil.
    • Add in maple syrup, mix well and add in seared pork belly.
  2. Maple Glaze

    • Strain the maple glaze from the belly and reduce in a pot until it turns sticky.
  3. BBQ Corn

    • Blanch the corn till cooked.
    • In a griller, grill the corn, glaze BBQ sauce over it and grill till charred.
    • Once ready, set aside and sprinkle parmesan cheese.