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Roasted Lamb Rack with Herbs

  • Ground Pistachio 20.0 g
  • Ground Green Melon Seed 20.0 g
  • Ground Almond 20.0 g
  1. Marination

    • Marinate lamb rack for 2 hours, set aside.
    • Seasonings

      • Mix the ingredients well, set aside.
    • Roasted Lamb Rack with Herbs

      • Flatten lemongrass with the dull side of the knife. In a pot, simmer all the seasonings till the sauce thickens, turn off heat and remove the lemongrass. Set sauce for later use.
      • Sear marinated lamb rack till both sides are fragrant, roast in the oven at 160°C until medium well, glaze with sauce and sprinkle ground pistachio, green melon seeds and almonds evenly over lamb rack, roast for another 2mins till well done.
      • Plate lamb rack, heat leftover sauce and pour lamb rack. Garnish and serve.