Sous Vide Lobster with Onion and Rock Rice

The perfect combination of lobster, ham and rock rice infused with scallion juice makes a scrumptious dish fit for any occasion.  The good news is this melt-in-your-mouth meal is rich in flavour yet so healthy you can enjoy it without the guilt.



  1. Sous Vide Lobster with Onion and Rock Rice

    • Roll the fresh lobster into the Spanish ham, Japanese cucumber and mushroom.
    • Add Sichuan pepper oil on the surface of the lobster and cook for 18 minutes at 63 degrees with low heat.
    • Mix in the scallion and add in chicken broth, honey rock sugar sauce, potato starch. Set aside as a sauce.
    • Steam half of the rock rice for 18 minutes, and fry the other half till fragrant.
    • Garnish with sweet peas, red sorrel.