Seasonings A

Seasonings B

Steamed Fungus Ball

  • Black Truffle, diced 100.0 g
  • Yellow Fungus, diced 150.0 g
  • Elm Fungus, diced 150.0 g
  • Wood Ear, diced 150.0 g
  • Morchella 150.0 g
  • Beetroot 300.0 g
  • Chinese Cabbage 20.0 pc
  • Bean Curd Skin 10.0 pc
  • Chicken Stock 1.2 kg


  1. Seasonings A

    • Mix Seasonings A well, set aside.
  2. Seasonings B

    • Mix Seasonings B well, set aside.
  3. Steamed Fungus Ball

    • Dice black truffle, yellow fungus, Elm fungus, wood ear and morchella, blanch and drain off excess water.
    • In a pan, heat up some oil and stir fry drained ingredients and seasonings A till well mixed. Set aside.
    • Blanch chinese cabbage till soft, remove and rinse with iced water. Soak bean curd skin for 10secs, remove and drain off excess water.
    • Wrap fried fungus mixture with bean curd skin, then wrap with Chinese cabbage to form a pomegranate-shaped ball. Set aside.
    • Add beetroot to 2kg of chicken stock and steam for 15mins, remove and strain. Add seasonings B and mix well.
    • Steam fungus ball for 5mins till cooked. Remove and plate.
    • Heat up seasonings B sauce mixture and whisk in a slurry to thicken the sauce into gravy. Pour gravy over fungus ball and serve.