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Braised Vegetables

Before Serving

  • Coriander Leaves 10.0 g
  • Spring Onion, sliced 10.0 g
  • Red Chilli, sliced 5.0 g
  1. Vermicelli

    • Heat up the wok with oil and pan fry the vermicelli till crispy.
    • Season with Knorr Chicken Seasoning powder.
  2. Braised Vegetables

    • Mix well 10g of corn flour and 15ml of water, set aside.
    • Bring water to boil, add in hot bean paste and Knorr Vegetarian Seasoning powder.
    • Add in all the vegetables and braise for 4 minutes
  3. Before Serving

    • Plate crispy vermicelli, top it with braised vegetables.
    • Garnish with coriander leaf, spring onion and red chili.
    • Preheat deep fryer at 170°C.