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As more consumers turn to platforms like Deliveroo, foodpanda, GO-FOOD, and GrabFood, so have food operators. Think you’re ready to join the world of food delivery? Here are 5 food safety tips that you need to know first.

1. Pick partners with the right delivery processes

Food delivery companies seem to work in the same way—a customer places an order, their rider goes to pick it up and deliver it. But there’s much more.

Find out how their delivery riders handle the orders. How is the food kept? What’s the maximum delivery duration? Does the company have an efficient delivery tracking system?

2. Ensure high food packaging integrity

Delivering food in heat and humidity can be a challenge, affecting the quality and food safety of your delivered meals.

Use long-lasting ingredients like Best Foods Real Mayonnaise or Knorr Mashed Potato, and practical, quality food packaging such as thicker, biodegradable materials that can hold moist food well for longer period of time. 

Most importantly, ensure that your food delivery company uses insulated bags to keep your food warm and fresh during delivery.

3. Use long-lasting ingredients to avoid spoilage

Consider having a line of dishes that are created especially for delivery. Alternatively, you can use better quality, long-lasting ingredients like Knorr Italian Herb Paste and sauces like Knorr White Sauce Mix to prepare your already popular meals for delivery.

4. Run inspections for consistent, optimal food safety

The last thing any food operator wants is delivering spoilt or tainted foods that may harm customers or create a PR disaster.

Hire staff dedicated to perform quality checks, or train your existing team in a certified food handling course to ensure food safety standards are met.

5. Make the use of sanitisers, gloves and hairnet compulsory

Keeping the kitchen clean is the first step towards maintaining good food safety. Small practices like using hand sanitisers, gloves and hairnets can go a long way. You can also place signs in the restroom to remind employees to wash their hands with soap after each visit. 

These are all cheap and easy ways to protect your food from being contaminated before delivery. 

Great food delivery starts with the right ingredients

Opt for quality, durable ingredients when preparing food for delivery. Check out Unilever Food Solutions products to get started!

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