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The issue

Obesity rates are at an all-time high. Today, one in ten adults is obese. As such, diners are getting more concerned over their health and are actively looking for healthier options when eating out.



We help chefs to make 200 million meals daily healthier, tastier and more enjoyable by 2020.

Yet, one billion people across the world still go hungry every day. Even in the developed world, many school children lack healthy and nutritious meals, which is essential for a good start in life to reach their full potential.


Our approach to healthier eating

Through our healthier eating programmes, we want to encourage chefs, cooks and everyone working in food service industry to play their part in fighting obesity and malnutrition. We aspire to help chefs and cooks worldwide serve nutritionally balanced meals that are both delicious and enjoyable for their guests.


Improving our products to encourage healthier eating

We are not just looking to chefs and operators to make the eating out experience healthier. We're looking to improve the nutritional value of our products too – by reducing their fat, sugar and salt content.

Reduce salt levels for a healthy diet
We know that most diners like salty food and do not like to compromise on taste. But did you know that too much salt is not good for health? As such, our chefs and food technologists are constantly working on reformulating the recipes of our products using herbs, spices and other ingredients to reduce the use of salt. Every year, we introduce small reductions of salt in our products to allow guests to get used to lower salt levels, while still enjoying the fresh flavours of their food.

In North America, we managed to gradually reduce average salt levels in our Knorr Soup Du Jour range by one third since 2008. In Europe, over 70% of Unilever Food Solutions’ salad dressings now have a recommended salt level, helping consumers meet the 5 grams per day, according to dietary guidelines.

“Healthier Choice” selections from Knorr
We are committed to providing chefs with healthier choices that flavour food just as well as regular options. That’s why our range of Knorr seasoning, sauces, pastes and mixes now includes a selection that’s endorsed by the Singapore Health Promotion Board. You will find these healthier selections labelled with a “Healthier Choice” logo.