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With the holy month of Ramadhan fast approaching, halal cafés and restaurants aren’t just featuring well-loved favourites like Rendang and Satay on their Ramadhan menu. Many are also adding their own twist to classics or infusing Western, Oriental and other delicious flavours to dishes – offering Muslim diners more options than ever when breaking fast.

In conjunction with the celebration, 5 top chefs joins UFS in our inaugural collaboration with the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation to create 2 recipe books: Heritage Halal Recipes and Innovative Halal Recipes. Download them now and see how you can whip up delicious Ramadhan dishes using tasty and easy-to-use Knorr ingredients.

Braised Short Rib Rendang With Herb Rice

Diners will love the fragrant and aromatic Braised Short Rib Rendang With Herb Rice made using the delicious Knorr Rendang Paste and Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce.

Grilled Beef Skewers & Sauté Beef Skewers

The unique taste blend of aromatic flavours in Knorr South-East Asian Spice Paste makes it so easy and convenient to create so many delicious dishes even when you use the same ingredients! 

Beef Stew In Sweet Soy Sauce

Knorr Rock Sugar Honey Sauce lets you create the same savoury and sweet caramelised flavour every time you cook this delicious Ramadhan treat.

Asian-Touch Creamy Tom Yam Pasta 

Infuse a little Thai flavour to the Western pasta to spice things up for your menu – and if your diners are up for a little more heat, feel free to add some chilli padi.

Salted Egg Prawn On Crispy Noodles

Who says you can’t be creative with halal food? Just watch how Chef Habib turns crispy noodles and salted egg prawns, distinctly Singaporean ‘tze char’ dishes, into a new Ramadhan favourite.

Find more yummy recipes like these by downloading our full collection of heritage and innovative halal recipes now. 

Download our exclusive Heritage Halal Recipes

Download our exclusive Heritage Halal Recipes

Check out our traditional recipes including the irresistible Braised Short Rib Rendang and the Hot & Sour Fish Stew.

Get the recipe book
Download our collection of Innovative Halal Recipes

Download our collection of Innovative Halal Recipes

Try our creative recipes, and give your usual halal treats a modern twist – with dishes like Asian-Touch Tom Yam Pasta.

Get the recipe book