1. An Introduction

Master the art of Chinese dim sum with Chef Ken Wang of Chinese Cricket Club. He’ll give you his top tips and techniques to roll, stuff, wrap and cook perfect dim sum every time, as well as his essential guide to equipment, ingredients and need-to-know recipes. 


2. Setting Up Your Kitchen & Ingredients

Watch as Chef Ken Wang walks you around his dim sum kitchen, and explains the essential equipment for making authentic Chinese dim sum. 


3. Top Tips to Master The Art of Dim Sum

Chef Ken Wang explains his top tips and techniques for making perfect dim sum every time, from first steps for beginners to getting the cooking temperature just right.


4. How to Make Perfect Wor Tip Dumplings

Watch part one of how to make the perfect wor tip dumpling, from making the dough and rolling it into pastry to stuffing and wrapping it, including top tips. 


5. How To Cook Perfect Wor Tip Dumplings

Watch part two of how to make the perfect wor tip dumplings, with a guide to pan-frying them until golden and crisp, and tips on how to cook your dumplings without a steamer. 


6. How to Prepare Wonton Dumplings for Soup

Learn how to roll, stuff and wrap wonton dumplings for soup, with insights on different wonton styles across China.


7. How to Make Wonton Soup

Now to cook the dumplings! Watch how wonton dumplings are boiled and flavourings are added to create the broth for this Chinese classic dish, wonton soup. 


8. How to Make Shumai Dim Sum

Upgrade your skills to shumai – an open-filled dumpling with prawn and scallop stuffing. Learn top tips for stuffing, rolling and wrapping to get this tricky dim sum just right.