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Braised Beef Cheeks

  • Beef Cheeks, braised 80 degree Celsius for 12 hours 500.0 g
  • KNORR Demi-Glace Brown Sauce, prepared 100.0 ml
  • Thyme 1.0 g
  • Salt 2.0 g
  • Black Pepper 1.0 g

Truffle Potato Ball

Glazed Baby Carrots

  • Baby Carrots, washed and boiled 60.0 g
  • Chicken Stock 150.0 ml
  • Unsalted Butter 30.0 g
  • Fresh Tarragon 1.0 g
  • Salt 1.0 g

Yellow Mustard Sauce

Crispy Kale

  • Kale 20.0 g
  • Salt 2.0 g

Parsley Green Oi

  • Parsley 100.0 g
  • Canola Oil 220.0 ml

Green Pea Puree

  • Green Sweet Pea 250.0 g
  • White Onions 30.0 g
  • Fresh Milk 100.0 ml
  • Chicken Stock 100.0 ml
  • Salt 3.0 g
  • Unsalted Butter 30.0 g
  1. Braised Beef Cheeks

    • Portion beef cheeks into 100gm each
    • In a pot, heat up brown sauce, season with thyme, salt and black pepper.
    • Add in beef cheek and let it simmer.
  2. Truffle Potato Ball

    • In a pot bring milk to boil, fold in Knorr Potato Flakes, salt and mix well till smooth.
    • Fold in cream, butter, truffle paste and truffle oil.
    • Portion into potato ball and pane it.
    • Deep fry at 180 degree Celsius for 5mins till golden brown.
  3. Glazed Baby Carrots

    • In a pot, bring chicken stock to boil, add in butter, salt and tarragon
    • Using a hand blander and blend them together.
    • Add in carrots and let it simmer for 3 mins.
  4. Yellow Mustard Sauce

    • Mix well water and Knorr Demi Glaze.
    • In a pot, reduce port wine for 5mins
    • Add in demi glaze mixture, bring to boil, let it simmer with rosemary for 5mins
    • Remove rosemary, season with black pepper and fold in yellow mustard seed.
  5. Crispy Kale

    • Deep fry kale at 180 degree Celsius till crispy
    • Season with salt
  6. Parsley Green Oi

    • In a blender blend all the ingredients together till fine.
    • Strain the mixture and reserve the oil.
  7. Green Pea Puree

    • Blanch green peas till cook.
    • In a pot sweat onion till soft add in milk, chicken stock, salt and simmer for 5mins
    • In a blender blend pea with onion milk mixture till smooth
    • Once smooth, add in butter and blend for 1min,