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Short Rib Rendang Preparation

  • Beef Short Ribs 3 kg
  • Rendang Paste 400 g
  • Chilli Paste 60 g
  • Water 1.5 l
  • Kaffir Lime Leaf 6 pc
  • Turmeric Leaf 1 pc
  • Coconut Milk 2 l
  • Sugar 25 g

Herb Rice Preparation

  • Dried Shrimp 70 g
  • Dried Salted Fish 70 g
  • Coconut, grated 40 g
  • Water 4 tbsp
  • Jasmine Rice, cooked 600 g

To Serve

  • Lemongrass Stalk, finely sliced 1 pc
  • Turmeric Leaf, finely sliced 2 pc
  • Betel Leaf, finely sliced 6 pc
  • Kaffir Lime Leaf, finely sliced 6 pc
  • Laksa Leaf, finely sliced 20 g
  • Thai Basil, finely sliced 20 g
  • Mint Leaf, finely sliced 10 g
  • Wild Ginger Flower (stalk), finely sliced 1 pc
  • Shallots, finely sliced 5 pc
  • Salt 10 g
  • Black Pepper Powder 5 g
  1. Short Rib Rendang Preparation

    • Marinate the short ribs with 150g of rendang paste, and keep chill for 1.5 hours.
    • Sear the short ribs all around in a hot cast iron pan.
    • In a separate pot, add oil and saute chilli paste and remaining rendang paste till fragrant. Add in water, lime leaves, turmeric leaf, and beef, and bring to a boil. Cover the pot and let it simmer for 1 hour or till the beef is tender.
    • Add in coconut milk and sugar, and simmer for another 1.5 hours till the meat is tender soft.
  2. Herb Rice Preparation

    • To prepare the rice, finely chop dried shrimp and fish, and stir-fry with a little oil for 2-5 minutes. Add in grated coconut, rock sugar honey sauce and water. Keep stirring till it turns lightly brown before removing from pan. Set aside to cool.
  3. To Serve

    • In a large bowl, add in cooked jasmine rice, sauteed fish and shrimp, and all the finely cut herbs. Toss evenly, and add in the seasonings.
    • To serve, portion out the herb rice and short ribs. Serve hot.