• Whole Chicken, washed and cleaned 1500.0 g

Poach Chicken

Soya Sauce for Chicken

  • Spring Onion, washed and cut 50.0 g
  • Ginger, washed and cut 50.0 g
  • Coriander Stem, washed 40.0 g
  • Soya Sauce 60.0 ml
  • Rock Sugar 25.0 g
  • Water 300.0 ml
  • Sesame Oil 30.0 ml
  • Oil 20.0 ml

Chicken Rice

Before Serving

  • Coriander Leaves 20.0 g
  • Spring Onion, sliced 20.0 g
  • Red Chilli, seeds removed and sliced 10.0 g
  • Cucumber, sliced 50.0 g


  1. Chicken

    • Trim cut off chicken feet.
    • Wash and clean up innards.
    • Pat dry and put aside.
  2. Poach Chicken

    • In a pot, bring water to boil.
    • Add in spring onion, ginger and simmer.
    • Add in chicken and poach for 45 minutes with pot covered.
  3. Soya Sauce for Chicken

    • In a pot, heat up oil and stir fry ginger, spring onion and coriander stem till fragrant.
    • Add in water and soya sauce and bring it to boil.
    • Add in rock sugar and lastly finish it with sesame oil.
    • Set aside.
  4. Chicken Rice

    • Wash the rice, lay it onto insert.
    • In a blender, blend shallots, garlic and oil together to form a paste.
    • In a pot, sauté the blended paste till aroma is released.
    • Add in blue ginger, lemon grass, young ginger and pandan leaf.
    • Sweat mixture till aroma is released.
    • Add in water, bring it to boil, add in Knorr Concentrated Chicken Stock, Knorr Chicken Seasoning Powder and rock sugar.
    • Transfer stock onto the rice tray and steam it for 40mins.
    • After rice is cooked, remove lemongrass, ginger and pandan leaves.
  5. Before Serving

    • Mould rice onto plate, place slice cucumber on top of the rice.
    • Drizzle soya sauce over the portioned chicken.
    • Garnish the portion chicken with chili and coriander.
    • Ready to serve.