Black Bean Demi Glace

Before Serving

  • Assorted Roasted Vegetables 250.0 g
  • Sea Salt Flakes 2.0 g

Be the talk of the town when you put this flavour-packed beef roast on the dinner table. A juicy beef sirloin marinated with our special Italian Herb Paste and served with a decadent black bean demi-glace is the perfect way to indulge your guests.



  1. Marinade

    • Mix Italian Herb Paste with oil in a mixing bowl.
    • Pour over beef sirloin and coat well.
    • Chill overnight before roasting.
  2. Black Bean Demi Glace

    • Heat up water in sauce pot.
    • Slowly whisk in Demi Glace Brown Sauce Mix.
    • Bring it to a boil and simmer for 3mins.
    • Set aside.
    • Heat up sauce pan, add in corn oil.
    • Sweat ginger and black bean till fragrant.
    • Pour in Demi Glace Brown Sauce Mix and bring to simmer.
    • Add in sugar and fold in coriander and red chilli.
    • Set aside for later use.
  3. Before Serving

    • Sear all surfaces of beef tenderloin on hot griddle.
    • Transfer beef tenderloin to a wire rack.
    • Pre heat oven to 160°C.
    • Place beef tenderloin into preheated oven.
    • Roast for 25mins/ or core temp reach 55°C.
    • Remove beef tenderloin from oven and rest for 15mins before slicing.
    • Serve beef sirloin slice on plate with black bean demi glace and roasted vegetables on the side.