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Lavender is a versatile culinary herb that blends well with rich flavours. This recipe pairs it with a honey glaze, and these 2 ingredients truly complement the unique flavour of duck to create a dish that is simply amazing.

Watch the Glazed Duck with Honey, Lavender and Corn Cream recipe video


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When prepared correctly, duck breast can be a decadent addition to your menu. Watch the video below to get a tip on how to enhance its succulent flavour with this simple yet indulgent side dish.

Tip video: See the best side dish for your duck!


Chef’s tips & techniques

  • Make popcorn to garnish; it goes well with the corn cream.
  • Instead of balsamic vinegar, you can use lemongrass and Chinese wine for an Asian twist.
  • Instead of lavender, add some Asian flavour with lemongrass or star anise. 
  • Chef Mark’s top tip: “It’s important to pan fry the duck in a dry pan until all the fat has disappeared into the skin so it turns crispy.”
  • “Instead of frying the duck, grill 70% on the skin side, the remaining 30% on the flesh side, then rest.”


What other side dishes can accompany the glazed duck?
This dish can also be served with root vegetable purees such as yellow squash, sweet potatoes, celeriac, potatoes, etc.

How does the popcorn work with the corn cream?
Since you are creating corn cream, it’s nice to use the same ingredient in a different shape or structure.