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Anchovies, Pecorino cheese, and a healthy dose of red chillies come together in a smooth and spicy pasta recipe. Served on penne done perfectly "al dente", your dinner guests are sure to savour every last drop.

Watch the Pasta Arrabiata with Anchovies and Pecorino recipe video


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Combining rustic penne pasta with spicy arrabiata made with Knorr Pronto packs a tasty, chilli-fuelled punch that’s sure to warm your diners’ tummies. Watch the tip below to learn another great way to add extra flavour to this dish.

Tip video: Make your dish extra flavourful!


Chef’s tips & techniques

  • Cook the pasta in boiling salted water until a quarter of the time is left. Strain the pasta immediately from the water and add to the simmering pan of sauce. Let the pasta finish cooking in the sauce so it can take on the flavours.
  • Slice the Pecorino in a creative way to add interest to the plate.
  • You can replace the anchovies with salted capers or black olives.
  • Nutritional tip: Did you know? Anchovies are a good source of B vitamins. A 100g serving of anchovy meat can also provide 19g of protein, 77g of calcium and 3mg of iron. 


How do I garnish Pasta Arrabiata in an authentic way?
You can garnish with dried chilli, basil leaves, shaved parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes or cherry tomatoes.