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When it comes to food, Singaporeans love their salted egg dishes – as seen by the popularity of salted egg burgers, buns, croissants, fries and other savoury delights. 

But, can salted egg also be a key ingredient in a main course? Absolutely! 

This versatile ingredient is the ideal complement to a variety of meats, carbohydrates and everything in between. To get you started, we’ll show you how you can prepare three inventive dishes using this popular ingredient. 

Chicken Ballotine with White Chocolate Salted Egg Prawn

Created by Chef Edmund Toh, this dish features ingredients loved by Singaporeans – chicken and prawn – topped off with a beautiful white chocolate salted egg prawn sauce that perfectly flavours the meat.

Fried Salmon Belly/Head in a Salted Egg Yolk and Coconut Soup

Salmon is a staple ingredient in Singapore restaurants. How then can you make it more exciting for diners? Easy. Just fry it, then put it in a flavourful salted egg yolk and coconut soup. Try this recipe created by Chef Leons Tan and experience for yourself how this unique soup enhances and transforms the taste of fried salmon belly/head. Trust us, your diners will love this!

Salted Egg Yolk Seafood Pizza

Iron Man Chef Heman Tan showcases how East meets West in this collision of gastronomic flavours and cultures! When drizzled over the pizza, this salted egg sauce complements the strong flavours of the seafood and seasoning, adding a layer of oomph to an already satisfying creation. 


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